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Durabmarg, Kathmandu


This amazing outlet brings to you a wide variety of Indian Cuisine. Come and indulge yourself with our exotic and spicy Indian Food. Cafereena’s Indian Menu includes the best of Indian food straight from the Tandoor. Cafereena’s Chinese Menu offers wide varieties of appetizers, soup, vegetables, rice, noodles, fish, prawn and other non vegetarian dishes prepared in Szechuan, mandarin and Cantonese styles. Don’t forget to try our Chinese special Mo:Mos being one of the most loved fast foods in Nepal, Cafereena has it all for the Mo:Mo lovers. Under the brand Belle Mo:Mo, Cafereena brings for its guests, a wide variety of Mo:Mos. Check out our Mo:Mo Menu.

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Cuisine : Multi Cuisine
Speciality : 20 Plus Variety Of Mo:Mos
Extra Service Charge : Yes
Extra VAT : Yes
Opening Timings : 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Minimum Order : 400.00
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